Vaping and Tobacco

As nicotine-carrying products in their evolving myriad forms continue to be a problem for our young people, The Partnership is committed to providing resources and support for parents and other caring adults who want to talk to young people about the dangers of this habit.
E-cigarettes deliver harmful nicotine that can lead to addiction and potentially other health risks. Parents and other caring adults can find information here about the dangers of vaping, tobacco use, and how to talk to the young person in your life about e-cigarettes.

Tobacco & Vaping-Specific Resources

Know Ur Vape explores how no matter how Ur Vape is packaged, it can be harmful to your health. Discover the impact that vapes have on mental and physical health, as well as resources for quitting.
VapeFreeCT provides Connecticut youth and young adults with information and resources to help them quit vaping or using other tobacco products. Learn more about the impacts vaping and tobacco have on your health and find more helpful tips to stay tobacco-free. Text VAPEFREECT to 88709 to receive free, confidential vaping cessation text messages from the TRUTH Initiative designed to help you be successful.
Vapes are Trash exposes the human and environmental harms of e-cigarettes and the tobacco industry. Learn how vapes harm people from production, through use of the final products, to disposal and beyond.
TRUTH works to expose Big Tobacco’s lies and manipulation and battle the Vaping and Opioid epidemics. They share compelling campaigns showing the truth behind addictive products, and provide resources for quitting.
Some vape companies claim their products relieve stress, when actually vaping nicotine can increase feelings of stress and anxiety. Learn how vaping is a breath of stress air.

Youth Created Tobacco PSA

General Substance Misuse Resources

Connecticut has established 21 as the legal minimum age for drinking alcohol, purchasing tobacco products, cannabis use, and casino gambling. This is for good reason! Learn why 21 is the legal minimum age.
Natural High seeks to distribute drug prevention and life skill resources to help young people thrive. They work with influencers young people admire to create free and impactful content for educators and parents.
The Partnership to End Addiction is a diverse community of researchers, advocates, clinicians, and communicators who work together to provide addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery resources. provides Connecticut with a variety of resources to help understand, prevent, and recover from substance use disorders.

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership builds statewide capacity to prevent underage drinking and substance use and builds strategic alliances to promote the overall well-being of Connecticut’s future workforce.