Youth Empowerment

At the core of our mission is an unwavering belief in youth empowerment as a catalyst for substance use prevention. We understand that young people are not just beneficiaries of our work but active contributors – capable of steering their peers towards safer and healthier choices in a way adults might not achieve. It is in this light that we invest significantly in youth-focused initiatives.

Our Engage, Encourage, Empower (E3) initiative is a testament to this commitment. E3 isn’t just about disseminating prevention messages; it’s about nurturing young advocates who can amplify these messages within their communities. Through intensive training and resource provision, we equip our youth participants with the necessary tools to make a meaningful difference.

In a similar vein, our Youth Advisory Board brings together young prevention leaders across Connecticut, cultivating a robust network of advocacy and shared experiences. From monthly group meetings to skill-building sessions, the Board offers an empowering platform for our youth to influence prevention strategies at a grassroots level. Their shared local experiences enrich our collective understanding of the complex and evolving issues surrounding substance use.

As teenagers navigate the challenging waters of adolescence, we’re here to ensure they are not only heard but have an active hand in shaping a safer, substance-free future for themselves and their peers. By harnessing the power of youth engagement, The Governor’s Prevention Partnership is fostering a generation of advocates and leaders committed to a brighter future for Connecticut.

Dive into our E3 program – Engage, Encourage, Empower – a dynamic initiative that transforms young lives through school and community-based substance use prevention training, enriching them with essential knowledge through interactive modules and culminating in a powerful youth-led awareness campaign that resonates through their schools and communities.
The Youth Advisory Board is a group that meets regularly to provide young people with an opportunity to network, collaborate on overarching prevention initiatives, and develop their professional skills.
The Future Prevention Leaders Youth Conference is a dynamic and engaging one-day event that focuses on substance use prevention and promotes overall well-being among high school-aged future leaders from across Connecticut. This conference offers a unique platform for personal growth, skill-building, and community-building in the field of substance use prevention.

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership builds statewide capacity to prevent underage drinking and substance use and builds strategic alliances to promote the overall well-being of Connecticut’s future workforce.