Families and Communities

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that prevention against youth substance use is a collective effort involving not only individuals but entire communities and families. Our approach is deeply embedded in community engagement and family empowerment.

First and foremost, we offer prevention trainings for caring adults – a series of virtual and in-person trainings to equip parents and community members with the latest information on youth substance use trends. These sessions are designed to empower parents and other adults to have informed and open conversations with the young people in their lives about drugs and alcohol.

Our Por Los Niños program exemplifies this commitment. We empower parents from Spanish-speaking communities through an interactive approach to learning about substance use prevention. This initiative fosters meaningful dialogues between adults and children about these crucial topics and is shaped by the insights and needs of parents and caring adults like you. By participating in our events and utilizing our resources, parents and caregivers can ignite vital conversations about substance use prevention with their children.

Our Connected Communities Prevent Opioid Use initiative extends our efforts to communities severely impacted by the opioid epidemic in Eastern Connecticut, including Groton, New London, and Norwich. Through this initiative, we collaborate with school systems, students, and parents, providing them with evidence-based prevention programming. By targeting our initiatives where they’re most needed, we’re building resilient, community-wide prevention networks across Connecticut.

Our goal is straightforward – to expand these initiatives into as many Connecticut communities as possible. Through widespread engagement and education, we aim to build a strong foundation of prevention across the state, empowering every parent, every adult, and every community in Connecticut to stand against underage drinking and substance use.

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Dive into our E3 program – Engage, Encourage, Empower – a dynamic initiative that transforms young lives through school and community-based substance use prevention training, enriching them with essential knowledge through interactive modules and culminating in a powerful youth-led awareness campaign that resonates through their schools and communities.
The Youth Advisory Board is a group that meets regularly to provide young people with an opportunity to network, collaborate on overarching prevention initiatives, and develop their professional skills.
The Future Prevention Leaders Youth Conference is a dynamic and engaging one-day event that focuses on substance use prevention and promotes overall well-being among high school-aged future leaders from across Connecticut. This conference offers a unique platform for personal growth, skill-building, and community-building in the field of substance use prevention.

The Governor’s Prevention Partnership builds statewide capacity to prevent underage drinking and substance use and builds strategic alliances to promote the overall well-being of Connecticut’s future workforce.