The Essentials Training: A Curriculum for People Who Mentor Black and Latino Young Men and Boys

NEW DATE: This training has been rescheduled from 3/22 and 3/23 to 4/12 and 4/13. Registration is still open.

*Please Note: This is a two-part training. Both days begin at 1:00 p.m. – the provided registration link will allow you to register for both sessions simultaneously.*

Move mentors beyond cultural competence and towards an integration of critical consciousness for both the mentor and the young black or latino men they mentor.

Framing & Purpose
The framing of this curriculum is intentional in its focus on young Black men and boys. Even the choice of words, men and boys vs males, was done to make it clear that (1) this training is rooted in a specific racial and gender lens, and (2) it is important to recognize the mentee’s humanity by speaking about young Black men and boys using their personhood (“boys and young men”), and not their biological function (“males”). The language throughout the training and curricula thus works to ensure that those who provide the training and receive it are part of the narrative re-shaping that must occur in all mentoring relationships with young Black men and boys. The guiding purpose of the training is to go one step beyond “cultural competence” and strengthen practices of those who mentor young Black men and boys, incorporating voices from practitioners and researchers.

Structure & Objectives
The modules are structured to enable mentors to thoughtfully navigate a series of facilitated critical conversations on the issues of race, class, and privilege. In addition, facilitators will share tools, insights, and lessons learned designed to enhance the competency of mentors working with young Black men in their programs.

The Training Objectives
Move mentors beyond cultural competence and towards an integration of critical consciousness for both the mentor and the young Black men that they mentor. Build the capacity of mentors to meet their mentees “where they are” while also embracing existing natural (informal), familial and societal structures to support the mentor-mentee relationship. Gain a greater understanding of key research and approaches to developing a critical consciousness model into their mentoring approach with the young Black men they mentor.

Recording Notice
This event will be recorded for hosting on our website and potential further use. By registering for this webinar, you are consenting to be included in this webinar recording.

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